3 Benefits of Cat Furniture

Your indoor cat needs places to climb, scratch, and hunt in order to live a happy life. If you don’t provide a safe space for this behavior, you could wind up with damage to your couches, chairs, curtains, carpets, and other household items. For many, cat furniture is the solution for many of these problems. The veterinarian near you at Clover Vet understands cat health and these creatures’ active natures. Here are some reasons why cat furniture can make life easier for you and your feline friends:

  1. Let them climb on structures, not your curtains. Structures like cat trees come in varying heights and provide an outlet for a cat’s instinctual need to climb. If your cat furniture has multiple levels or cubicles, your cat can expend even more energy. These towers can also provide an excellent place for your cat to relax. It’s truly a win-win for any cat owner.
  2. Let them scratch on posts, not your furniture. Just like the climbing structures are essential, posts allow your cats to fulfill their need to scratch. Scratching helps trim your cats’ claws and allows them to scent their trail. While this isn’t a nuisance like spraying, it still allows cats to mark their territory.
  3. Let them play with toys, not your belongings. Cat toys are a safe way for your pet to practice hunting, pouncing, and swatting behaviors. They’ll be able to act on their instinctual needs and live a more active life. When you provide toys for your cat, you’ll spare your personal items from damage. Try the many different types of toys to find your cat’s favorite. From poles with strings to jingling things, there are many items that you can use to play with your cat or that they can enjoy on their own.

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