4 Things to Consider Before Giving a Pet for Christmas

Christmas is almost upon us and that means people are scrambling to find those last minute gifts. As you’re trying to pick just the right thing for someone you care about, the staff here at Clover Vet would like you to consider this: Although giving a pet as a present sounds like a great idea, it’s actually quite a commitment. As York County veterinarians who care about the animals we serve, we’d like you to think about the following things before you give a pet for Christmas.

  1. Consider the commitment. The average lifespan of a dog is between 10 and 13 years. For cats, it’s between 12 and 18 years. That’s a long time to ask the recipient to commit to, especially if they aren’t expecting it.
  2. Consider the care. Pets require time and attention from their owners. They need to be fed, exercised, bathed, and loved. Those responsibilities remain even if the pet’s owner is out of town. That means alternate care must be arranged.
  3. Consider the cost. Pet food costs money. So do toys, visits to the veterinarian, boarding, and grooming. Some estimates claim that owning a pet costs over $1000 in the first year alone.
  4. Consider the compatibility. Not every breed of pet will be compatible with its owner’s lifestyle. A dog that needs lots of exercise and room to move, for example, might not be very happy in an apartment.

As you can see, there are many factors that must be considered before giving a pet as a gift. In fact, these are the same things anyone must consider before deciding to become a pet owner. The veterinarians at Clover Vet believe that pets enhance and bring much joy to life. At the same time, bringing a pet into your family isn’t something to take lightly. When you’ve done your homework and know you’re ready for the responsibility of a pet, we hope you’ll bring your dog or cat to our vet clinic. Our animal hospital is always ready to provide the best possible care to pets in Fort Mill, Lake Wylie, York, Rock Hill, and other areas of York County.

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