4 Ways to Care for the Needs of Your Older Dog

As we get older, we know that our overall health changes. Activities that we could once do easily often become more difficult as we age. The same is true for our dogs. Clover Vet has some advice to help your loyal companion stay happy and healthy during their senior years. Check out these tips from a veterinarian near you:

  1. Schedule regular visits with a veterinarian near you –  Work with your vet to create a comprehensive health plan for your dog. Your dog needs yearly visits to the vet to make sure they’re in continued good health. A vet will answer all of your questions and address any medical concerns. Dogs can’t speak to us, making hard to tell when they need help. Regular visits to our Rock Hill, SC animal hospital will identify problems before they become major concerns.
  2. Don’t forget dental care – As your dog gets older, be sure to check and brush their teeth on a regular basis. Dental hygiene is very important for older dogs. If you suspect a more serious problem with your dog’s teeth, bring them in for a checkup.
  3. Create a healthy diet – Giving older dogs healthy food is critical for good health. A poor diet can lead to weight gain and other concerns. Try giving your dog food that contains these fatty acids like EPA and DHA.
  4. Be cautious when it comes to exercise – Your dog may struggle with certain activities as they get older. Keep this in mind before you decide to take them on long walks or walk them up hills or stairs. However, this doesn’t mean your dog shouldn’t exercise at all. Your vet will help you create an appropriate exercise schedule to give your dog exactly what he or she needs.

If you’re looking for a veterinarian near you to help you give your older dog the best life possible, call Clover Vet. Our Rock Hill, SC animal hospital and vet pharmacy are always here for you and your pet.

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