4 Ways to Start Your Pet’s New Year Off Right

The new year is fast approaching, which means its time to make those resolutions. But what about your pet? As a full-service animal hospital near you, Clover Vet wants to share these ideas that will help you start the new year off right with your pet:

  1. Use natural pet products – Consider switching to only organic or natural pet products in the new year. There are many options for pet food, grooming products, toys and more. These types of products are designed to be safe and beneficial for pets, as well as for the environment. However, it’s best to consult with a veterinarian first before you completely switch to using all natural products.
  2. Try new pet services – Try out a new service for your pet. This could be a dog training class, a self-serve dog wash, or even a pet yoga class. More types of pet services are popping up all over the place so use the new year to explore them all. Not only will these activities be fun for your pet, but they may make things more convenient for you, too.
  3. Travel more with your pet – Nowadays, more and more accommodations are pet-friendly. Take advantage of this new trend and start going on new adventures with your pet! However, remember that not all animals are comfortable with travel. Also keep in mind your pet’s temperament around new places and people.
  4. Invest in pet insurance – Due to advances in medical technology, pet care has become more expensive than ever. Pet insurance can help cover these costs while also offering reassurance to pet owners. The number of pet owners investing in policies for their animals is increasing steadily. Next year, consider getting your pet his or her own insurance coverage.

If you’re looking to help your pet maintain a healthy lifestyle next year, call the animal hospital near you at Clover Vet. We serve pets in Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Lake Wylie, York, and surrounding area of the Carolinas.

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