5 Tips to Help You Care for Your Older Cat

An older cat can bring so much joy to a family. But it’s important to know that, just like older dogs, senior cats require different things than younger cats. To help you care for your beloved older kitty, the local veterinarians near you at Clover Vet want to share some advice. Here are five important tips to help you care for older cats:

  1. Schedule routine visits to the vet – One of the best ways you can help your senior cat is by scheduling frequent visits with local veterinarians near you. A vet will help you keep an eye on your senior cat’s health.
  2. Help them maintain a healthy diet – Giving your cat healthy foods in appropriate portions is essential for continued good health. A bad diet can cause your cat to to have issues with weight and other problems. We’ll help you create the best diet plan for your older cat.
  3. Brush their teeth regularly – As sometimes happens with older dogs, older cats can develop problems with their oral health. With this in mind, make sure you brush their teeth often. If you notice that your cat has issues with chewing, bring them in for a dental evaluation.
  4. Provide special toys and accommodations – Senior cats need special accommodations to be able to play and rest comfortably. Use low-sided litter boxes, soft bedding, and any other items that will help your cat move about more comfortably. Find toys that can help them play without requiring quick or sudden movements.
  5. Help them stay active safely – Exercise is very important for older cats. However, your cat might need additional help or supervision when they spend time outside. Our vets in York, SC can help you figure out the best ways to keep your cat both active and safe.

When you need local veterinarians near you to help you care for your senior cat, call Clover Vet. Our animal doctors in York County have extensive experience working with senior dogs and cats. We’ll help you provide a healthy and happy life for your family’s special feline.

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