5 Ways to Make Your Pet a Part of the Holidays

The holiday season isn’t just a special time for children. It can also be a memorable time for the entire family. This includes your pets. As veterinarians near you, the staff at Clover Vet wants you to enjoy this joyful season with your pet. Here are five ways you can make your pets a part of your holiday celebrations:

  1. Travel with them – Socialization is important to your pets’ health as it helps them build their own social skills. This includes spending time with other people or other animals. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to travel with pets thanks to new types of accommodations, such as hotels, that are considered pet friendly. However, don’t force your pets to come with you if they aren’t comfortable on long road trips. And of course, consider your pet’s temperament before exposing them to unfamiliar places or people.
  2. Take them to see the holiday lights – Take your pets on a drive or walk around with them as you and your family look at the beautiful lights. Dogs may like this activity more than cats.
  3. Give them pet-friendly treats – Your pets will most likely try to grab some of the food off of your table or from your guests this holiday season. Make them their own homemade treats so they can join in the fun and you won’t have to worry about them eating something unhealthy.
  4. Include them in the family photo – Make your pets feel special and include them in the family photo. Our pets are family, too.
  5. Make them a stocking – Make your pets their own stocking filled with treats and toys just for them so they can join in on the holiday excitement.

Clover Vet wants your pets to enjoy the holidays with you. Make an appointment with the veterinarians near you at Clover Vet for all of your pets’ veterinary needs.

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