Why Dog Walking Is Good for Humans, Too

There is nothing cuter than seeing your dog get excited when you pick up the leash. But what if we told you that walking your dog is beneficial for you, too? As a top Lake Wylie vet serving the Rock Hill and Fort Mill, SC areas, Clover Vet wants you to know the benefits of dog walking is a treat for both pets and their owners:

  • Increase in happiness – Studies show an increase in happiness in people who take their dogs on walks. Getting outside and taking in the fresh air can do wonders for your mood and attitude. Spending this time with your pet can reduce any stress or worries you have, too.
  • Easy exercise – Walks are a great way for dogs and their owners to get daily exercise in a fun and easy way. Walking gives your dog a chance to work off their high energy in a healthy way. It also gives you the opportunity to stretch your legs a few times a day. The longer the walks, the greater the potential health benefits.
  • Bonding time – Walks are perfect opportunities for dogs and owners to grow and strengthen their bonds. This special time helps dogs get used to their surroundings with someone they trust. At the same time, walking with a pet gives many people a sense of comfort and protection.

Dog walking is just one of the healthy activities you can enjoy with your dog. Call us to talk to a Lake Wylie vet about other ways to keep your pets active and healthy. Our goal is support all aspects of our patients’ lives, whether they need care in our animal hospital or they only come in for routine care in our animal clinic. Make an appointment at Clover Vet and help your dog start living the active, healthy lifestyle it needs to thrive!

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